2.25.1969 Duffy’s Backstage

This February tape from Rochester, NY is the first recording with the Miles Davis Lost Quintet fully intact. Despite the fresh lineup, the performance sounds remarkably similar to what Davis’ “second great quintet” (Shorter, Hancock, Carter, Williams) was up to just a year before – it’s amazing to hear Corea and DeJohnette sound so restrained. Maybe it was the material (this is the last Miles recording I know of to include “So What”) or perhaps they were just trying to find their footing, but this is the closest this quintet ever came to playing it straight. Still, the second half of the tape (starting at 43:35) gets pretty wild, finishing up with a long stretch of freeform abstraction that was new turf even for Miles at this point.

Though the exact date of this recording is undetermined, (the band played a run of shows from February 25-March 2) the rear photo from In a Silent Way was shot on February 26th at the venue. 

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